Azzure Cars

Welcome to Azzure Cars, the place where minimum credit rating requirements are put aside and your car finance applications are looked upon from a different perspective and approved even if with a credit rating that is far from perfect.

Coming across loans and other credit-based products which are available to us without any demands or requirements, is not a rare sight anymore. In fact, in today’s environment, it has become more of a trend. However, the upshot of this activity is not a pretty one to describe. With unprecedented ease of getting access to more credit than you deserve, there is bound to be the chance that we will take up more debt than our ability to service it. When this happens we start to struggle, be late on our payments, and ultimately, default. When we fail to meet these obligations we have towards our loans and different contracts, our financial reputation takes a hit and it goes directly on our credit report. Therefore, if you have had your share of such incidences, chances are you will find yourself on the bad side of the credit rating scale. While having bad credit brings with itself quite a few problems, probably the biggest of them is your constricted ability to get access to credit-based products in the future. When you are high-risk, giving you credit is not something people look forward to doing. Therefore, in such circumstances, it is certainly not uncommon for rejections on your car finance applications to pile up. When this happens, you have to consider alternatives, alternatives that look beyond merely credit ratings. This is where we walk in.

At Azzure Cars, we welcome you to a wide variety of different car finance deals. We allow you to cherry-pick just the deal you want from an absolute plethora of different deals. Whether you have bad, okay or good credit, we have something for everyone. It does not matter how many times you have had your car finance application rejected, at Azzure Cars, the water flows backwards and not only do you get a car finance deal, but also walk out with just the car you want.

What do we offer?

We offer bad credit car finance that allows you to choose from a very wide range of deals, which are designed just for you. We have deals for everyone from those with very good credit to those on the other side of the scale. What we offer? An equal chance for everyone to get access to these deals, regardless of their credit ratings.

How are we different?

We are dedicated to allowing everyone an equal chance at getting car finance, regardless of what they have done in the past. Most of the times, bad credit comes in the way of this idea. If you have bad credit, chances are that regular car finance firms would not even entertain the idea of accepting your application, let alone let you choose just the deal you want. This is why we take minimum credit rating requirement out of the equation and allow you to choose from a wide variety, even if you have bad credit.

Why do you need our deals?

In the highly advanced world of today, having a car has become more of a necessity. Whether you wish to drive to your work or drive your children to their school, having a car is a must. However, most of the time buying a car outright is beyond our means. In such circumstances, having bad credit does not help since it becomes a hurdle in your way of getting car finance. Therefore, there is a need for alternatives that put aside minimum credit rating requirements and consider all credit ratings and have something for everyone. This is why there have been a surge of different providers like Car Finance City . This is why you need our deals. This is why there is no place else you should rather be.

Any additional terms or costs with our deals?

At Azzure Cars, one thing you can be sure of is absolute transparency. We put your interests ahead of everything else and so, ensure that you are aware of all the terms and costs. Our deals are easily understood and are exactly what they look like. No room for any hidden costs or terms that may cause trouble in the future. It is a promise.

How much do you pay?

The first thing you need to know is that the entire purpose of offering you a wide range of deals is that you are not stuck with payments that you cannot afford. Therefore, there is no specific cost of our plans. The primary costs that you pay are the installments, which you can choose according to your budget so that your finance capacity is not overburdened. Depending on the car you take and the terms you choose, the amount of your installments are decided. Our humble rates compete with the likes of Santander to be as low as possible. In addition, there is an insignificant deposit cost that you have to pay upfront. This cost is virtually non-existent compared to the ease that our deals allow you.

If you wish to reduce the cost down a bit, one way of doing so can be part-trade a car you already have. Doing so would reduce the overall cost of the contract, allowing you much lower installments and a much shorter payment period.

How does it all work?

It is not uncommon to find those who think that bad credit products like bad credit car finance are highly complicated and thus, are best avoided. It is time that this misconception goes out of the window. At Azzure Cars, we believe in enlightening you about every single thing. The truth is that the deals you find here, which are in accordance with your need and requirements, are not very different from what other providers like Car Finance 247 offer.In fact, our deals are better in that they overlook the minimum car rating requirements that most of these car finance providers have. It is this requirements that piles up rejections on the record of those with less-than-perfect credit ratings. Here, however, you do not have to worry about this, at all. Our deals are tailor-made with you in mind and thus, regardless of what credit rating you boast, we will always have something for you.All we want you to do is fill in our simple online application and let us take over. You can then have your car within the next 24 hours. Simple, no?

Why choose us?

At Azzure Cars, you come first. This is why all the deals we offer you are in accordance to both, your financial needs and your credit ratings. On top of this, we ensure that you are not put under any sort of unnecessary pressure, allowing you our deals without having to go through any exhaustive procedures or tedious paperwork. Add to this the near guaranteed deals and you have yourself deals that are a mirror-image of what you want them to be. All we ask of you is to fill in our simple online application and let us hold your hand and walk you through the entire process.

From the moment you decide to enquire about a specific deal, to the time you are done paying all the installments, Azzure Cars will keep in touch with you and ensure that everything goes smoothly and that your experience with us is worthwhile.