What really is bad credit?

When you take up a certain loan, car finance, or other credit-based product, there are certain terms and conditions that you are bound by as soon as you sign the contract. From the very basic terms to the amount and timing of payments, everything is incorporated in the contract. After you have signed the contract, these become your legal obligations, which if you fail to stand by become the reason for a tainted financial reputation. When you struggle to meet these obligations on a consistent basis, your creditworthiness is adversely affected, leading to a situation where you have become a high-risk individual. When your credit ratings are so that providers and lenders are reluctant and unwilling to do business with you, you have bad credit.

What does bad credit have to with my car finance application?

When you simply outright buy a car by paying its entire cost, the deal is done and the debt does not exist. However, with car finance, the situation is different and due to its nature of being based on credit terms, providers need to be made sure that you will not fail to meet your obligations. When you have bad credit, doing so becomes very difficult as it depicts you as a high risk individual, causing most lenders to be put-off.In such a situation, words do not favor you if your credit rating suggests otherwise. This is why having bad credit becomes a major obstacle when it comes to getting car finance. Thanks to the increasingly exhaustive credit checks most providers like Barclays run on you, it has become virtually impossible for people with bad credit to get regular car finance deals.

What can be done about this?

If your credit ratings are too low, the most obvious solution to this is building them up. However, as you will see, this can be done only in the long-run, leaving you still unable to get access to car finance in the short-run. Therefore, this poses a need for something that helps you and helps you right now. This is what we offer. Our car finance deals takes into account the fact that many of you may be with credit ratings that far from perfect. However, does this mean that you then do not deserve a car finance deal? Certainly no. This is why we offer deals that would allow you to not just suit your pocket, but also credit ratings.

How can your deals help?

The whole reason behind the existence of bad credit products is to help those with bad credit in getting different credit-related products. Therefore, if you have bad credit and are thus, struggling as a result of it, our deals can help by being available to you regardless of what credit rating you have to show for yourself, while also being very much within your financial capacity. What more can you ask for?

Should I really opt for bad credit car finance?

Looking around, there is no doubt about how important cars have become in our daily lives. Therefore if you really need a ca r, there is no close substitute that you can comfortably resort to. If you can afford to simply outright buy a car, there is no issue. However, if you want a car finance deal but your bad credit comes in your way, the only logical thing to do is consider the next best alternative.

What happens to my credit rating if I take up bad credit car finance?

When you have bad credit, you are not just being deprived off different credit-based products, but also the chance to showcase your creditworthiness. By being available to you irrespective of your credit ratings, our car finance deals are just the platform you need. If you are punctual with all the payments, who is to say your ratings won’t improve?

What if I am unsure?

While we do try our best to ensure that all your questions are answered and concerns are addressed, if you are still unsure about anything, feel free to take your time and contact us. You are not bound by anything until you have signed the actual contract.

What if I miss a few payments?

The relationship we intend on forming with you is based on empathy. Walking on this path, if there is any mishap that prevents you from your obligations, all you have to do is let us know. We are more than eager to listen to what you have to say and in most circumstances, would strive to reach a conclusion that is mutually beneficial. Therefore, if you do miss a few payments, all you have to do is be honest and let us know of the problem at hand.

How do I apply to one of your deal?

Thanks to the technology of today, there is no need for tedious paperwork or even visiting one of our offices. Everything can be done by sitting at your home. All you have to do to apply to one of our deals is just fill in a simple online application and let us get back to you. Once you have done that, you could be driving home with your new car within 24 hours. That simple, that fast.